Thursday, August 18, 2011

All things polar bear, yet remain unseen

So here we are at the top of the world. Atticus having been sick from scarlet fever is finally getting well and feeling good, and I get a call from my husband, "Polar bear. Brower's. Gotta go." It's baby nap time, but I throw my camera gear together, wake up the baby, give him a dose of antibiotics and load us into the 15 passenger hooptie and hightail it out to Brower's. I was really quite proud of how quickly I got us out the door. I mean, I get motivated for polar bears! And alas, we were too slow. The bear had decided it had too much of an audience and swam off into the distance... apparently RIGHT before we got there. CRAPSPACKLE!

After the disappointment of not getting to see the bear that a significant number of the Barrow population had wandered out to ogle, we headed to the post office. I ran into my favorite librarian and in the process of the conversation I mentioned that I knew a polar bear had been shot... ok, back up storyline... our landlady, the dentist, gets a lot of community gossip and she had just told us the day before that a bear had been shot. I KNOW that means there's a pelt somewhere.... back to conversation with librarian... she knows where the pelt is! She gave me an idea of the area of town. But alas, I couldn't even find the dead polar bear! Ah well, there's always time for the polar bear scavenger hunt tomorrow. I think it's safe to say polar bear season might be starting here soon! Incidentally, it took 10 shots to take the dead one down.

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