Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 beautiful days in a row... must be some kind of record!

Today we went outside and celebrated two beautiful days in a row. It was "warm" and we frolicked on the beach without coats. It was 42 degrees. It's really too bad Ian had to work today on what was supposed to be his day off because we really could have made a day of it. But we'll be going to bed feeling so much happier for our frolicking. Good day. We really have to start taking full advantage of what few days like this we get because winter is on its way in a hurry. We're already dropping below freezing at night and it won't be long at all till we're never making it above freezing.

The post office today was unbelievably slow (this is not unusual in the slightest), but I did get to eavesdrop on the unusual conversation between two teachers that involved a lot of bathroom humor. And everybody in there was a lot chattier than usual. Makes for much better line waiting. In Barrow you appreciate the little things like overhearing funny conversations. Atticus, of course, had his usual great time trying to unlock all the post office boxes. Nothing makes that boy happier.

I've been told by multiple people that they'd like to know about our sunshine hours. So for those who having inquiring minds, today's sunrise was at 6:59am and sunset will be at 9:45pm. Not too shabby! We're losing daylight quickly though.