Thursday, June 16, 2011

Prettiest day we've had yet, so out we went.

Finally some blue sky! Atticus has been begging to go outside for days now so we walked him downtown to play on the playground next to the beach. With lots of rain lately, it was muddy but he was so ready to expend some energy!

We took another stroll by the beach and sea ice and then headed to meet all the people at the police department. As it turns out, we scored a free lunch AND I caught the news that Anchorage had an earthquake this morning. After days of rain/snow, it actually felt like there was a hint of warmth in the air... maybe "summer" will get here after all.

I was also reminded of something I find rather charming about Barrow... we have elections coming up and I've seen a lot of hand painted election signs. I far prefer these to the ones everyone sticks along the road in "normal" places!

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  1. How refreshing! It takes me back to high school when all of our signs were hand crafted. Now they are all digitally printed out... Boring!