Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life on Barrow time

One of the reasons I was excited about coming to Barrow was the unique opportunity to see things few others get to see and last night was my first of those opportunities. This past spring two whaling crews successfully pulled in a bowhead whale. The first crew held its celebration yesterday evening. I also got my first REAL example of Barrow time. We had gotten word that the blanket toss was going to take place between 7-8pm right after the banquet. So Ian, Atticus and I got started walking at about 7:15 only to get a text message that the banquet was still going on and it would probably be another couple of hours. Ian and Atticus stayed home and I headed out about 9:20. When I got there the party still hadn't started. The people of Barrow seem to be night owls and the party didn't truly get started until 10:30. But when it did, all were having a great time. There were bits of whale meat out for particular families to pick up and anyone and everyone who wanted a turn on the blanket got their opportunity. I finally left a little after 11 since I needed to get some sleep and I was starting to lose feeling in my fingers, but I got the distinct impression that things were only going to get livelier. And from what I understand, there was going to be a dance after the blanket toss. The second whaling crew is having their celebration tomorrow, but we'll have to determine if we'll go based on the weather. It's supposed to start snowing.

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  1. sounds like my cousin (who is eternally two hours late to everything) could get on well there. He'd be on time to things!

    the pictures you got were lots of fun.